Jupiter, also called Jove, was the king of the gods. Jupiter was considered to be the god of thunder. He was the husband of Juno, Jupiter’s most famous symbols are the thunderbolt and the eagle, very similar to Minerva. These two emblems were often combined to present the god in the form of an eagle holding a thunderbolt in its claws.

As the god of the sky, he was a divine witness to oaths, the sacred trust on which justice and good government depend. Usually, Jupiter found with a scepter and orb (bottom left), which symbolizes his power. His sacred animal was the eagle, which later became one of the key symbols of the Roman army.

Jupiter drill many similarities to “Zeus,” the king of the Greek deities from whom he was adopted. Jupiter was the brother of Neptune and Pluto.


Jupiter was a supreme god in Roman mythology, like many of the other figures in roman mythology. Jupiter was appropriated from the greeks and his virtually identical to the supreme god “Zeus” in Roman mythology. Jupiter was known as the Roman god of the heavens on the sky. Jupiter was the chief member of the capital in Triad.

In Roman mythology, “Jupiter” and “Juno” were twins. As sacrifices, the Romans offered Jupiter bulls and lambs. They are all required to be white. The temple of the god of the sky stood on the Capitoline Hill.

The Capitoline hill is one of the seven hills in Rome which are famous. Jupiter was being worshipped there as an individual deity. Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva were worshipped together as the Capitoline Triad.

There was a festival held on September 13, the anniversary of the foundation of Jupiter’s Capitoline Temple. The planet Jupiter was named after the king of the gods. Jove was the original namesake of Latin forms of the weekday, now known in English as Thursday.

Like other figures in Roman mythology, Jupiter was believed to be an evaluative actor in Roman history. His nature and attributes transformed consistently to keep up with broader historical changes in the Roman state.


Jupiter’s greek counterpart is “Zeus.” Iupiter or Iuppiter usually called Jupiter, and the J character wasn’t a part of the primordial alphabet of Latin language. The name “Jupiter” comes from two foundations. One was the Indo-European word, and the other one was from Greek and Latin, which means “Father.”

Additionally. Zeus, the Greek counterpart of Jupiter, was called by “Zue Pater” in greek.


Jupiter is set atop his throne on Mount Olympus and ruled the earth. He told the other gods what to do, to the best of his ability. But of course, the other gods didn’t pay attention to him. However, he indeed told the humans about how they should run their lives.

Jupiter was the ruler of prosperity, abundance, growth, and expansion. It is most important to know that planet Jupiter is so noisy. And if we consider ancient mythology Jupiter is pictured as having a hammer-like a hammer of Thor.

In ancient temples of Jupiter, they had mechanical devices powered by water and gravity that would make noise. So that when the ancient people went to worship at the temple of Jupiter, they would be odd by this sound and again the hammer of thor.

From the great temple assembled in his integrity on the Capitoline Hill. Jupiter moderated over the state and its ever-enlarging empire. The Romans emphasized the worship of Jupiter above all the other gods.

Romans believe was, if Jupiter’s blessing on them, they thought they could acquire and secure all the victories and maintain their hegemony over the worlds and rivals. At first, the worship of Jupiter was formalized by the Roman state throughout its existence.


Juno was the goddess of Jupiter and childbirth. She was the protector and counselor of Rome. She also looked after the woman of Rome. Juno was the daughter of “Saturn,” the god of the time. Her consort and brother was Jupiter, the god of thunder. Together with her husband Jupiter, Juno had ‘Mars,” the god of war, and “Vulcan,” the god of fire.

As the patron goddess of Rome and the Roman Empire, Juno was called Regina (queen). Jupiter, Minerva, and Juno were worshipped together at Capitoline Triad, in the Temple of Rome’s Capitoline Hill. Juno’s Greek counterpart is Hera.

Juno was associated with the vital force, vital energy, and eternal youthfulness. Since Juno always protected and defended the Romans, she was seen as their savior.



In Roman mythology, in the extraordinary meeting that followed his overthrow the god of Saturn and the titans, he was announced to be the King of all the other gods. And he was also the king of heaven.


The gods of sky and weather were named “Theoi Ouranioi” or “Theoi Meteoroi” by the Greeks. They were under the command of Zeus and Hera, the king and queen of heaven.


Jupiter’s identifying implement is a thunderbolt. He used to down his enemies with the lightning thunderbolts.


once upon a time, a long time ago there was a little bee, who was getting very tired because the other animals and people used to steal his honey. If he only had a weapon so he could save his money from the stealers. He wished and prayed, but the gods did not grant his request.

One day he decided to ask” Jupiter,” the king of all the gods, for help. Jupiter was the only god, and he knew how to find him. The little bee flew up to the heavens and buzzed and buzzed until he caught “Jupiters” attention.

When he caught the attention of Jupiter, he said: my king, here is the gift of honey from my side for you. One taste of honey and Jupiter’s face lighten up with delight, Jupiter smiled and said what a wonderful gift and asked little bee, what can I do for you.

In a shivering voice, Bee tells him his problem that, actually Jupiter had no idea what he could do to help the bee. He would very much like more of this honey for himself.

Again the bee asked the Jupiter in a little voice if I would have a weapon I could save my honey. Jupiter’s face grew angry, you would fight with the gods, you would fight with me. The bee cried and said, Oh no, I didn’t mean to say this.

The queen of all the gods, Juno, was listening to this all the time standing nearby. Jupiter offered a taste of honey to Juno; such a wonderful taste needs protection, Juno agreed. Queen said, I suggest you must give every bee a gift, that must be a payment.

I know every bee which uses your gift must pay for it with life. In order of this, each bee has a choice to protect and die or share their honey. The bee cried and said this idea is brilliant.

Jupiter would do anything to keep Juno happy. This was such a small request compare to most Jupiter said, with a wave of his hand it was done. There you go, little bee your wish is granted. The bee was filled with happiness and said, thank you, mighty King, Thankyou mighty queen. He flew quickly away and sunk back to the earth in nearly two days.


Role in Mythology: Chief of the gods, the god of the sky, Savior of Rome, god of oaths and protocols.

Alternate Names: Iovis, Jove, Diespiter, Indiges, Calestis, Lucetius, Iuppiter, Fulgurator, Totans, Iove.

Family Relationships: husband of Juno, Son of Saturn, brother of Neptune and Juno.

Symbols: Lightning bolt and eagle.

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