Diana was the goddess of the hunt and childbirth. She was the daughter of Jupiter and Latona. She was associated with wild animals and the forest. Diana had the power to talk and even to control animals. Diana was known to be a virgin goddess of childbirth and woman. The Roman goddess was known by many names counting, Queen of Heaven, the great goddess Lunar Virgin, mother of animals, and lady of wild creatures.

She was one of the maiden goddesses Diana, Minerva, Vesta, who swore never to marry. The oak was sacred to her. Diana was born with her twin brother Apollo on the island of Delos. She was also considered to be the protector of young girls, up until the age of marriage.

She was one of the Zeus children. Her Roman name Diana was very familiar at that time. In her left hand, she typically carries a recurve bow, though occasionally she used to carries one or two torches.

Diana wore a short tunic and hunting boots. She was often depicted with a bow and accompanied by a deer or a dog. Diana was portrayed as beautiful and youthful. One of her significant attributes was the diadem.


Diana was the goddess of hunt and wild animals. She later took over from “Luna” as the Roman goddess of the moon. She was also considered to be the fertility goddess and worshipped by the majority of Roman women, who were trying to get pregnant and those who wished for easy labor.

Initially, she was the queen of the open sky. In addition to being a moon goddess, her name means the bright sky. Diana was also known as the lady of the beasts. She was also said to be the goddess of slaves and the lower class people. There are several artworks where this goddess is illustrated with a moon on her forehead.

As the huntress, she becomes the shadow of this stereotype, killing the animals and protecting anyone who tries to take away her dignity. This virgin goddess represents the desire to be sexually pure and maintain all energy for other projects. She believes that it can also help to symbolize the brand new ideas and new methods of working.

The shadow virgin resists her sexuality, due to fear and revolution of sex. The Greek counterpart of the Roman goddess ” Diana” was also famous for her chastity, dignity, and virginity.


Artemis is the Greek counterpart of Diana. Artemis was the goddess of the hunt, wild animals, wilderness, and childbirth. she was one of the most widely venerated of the Ancient Greek deities. she was referred to as the mistress of animals. The goddess was often depicted as a huntress with a bow and arrows. Hera was angry with “Zeus”.

As the queen of the gods, she prohibited Leto to give birth to Artemis and Apollo. But Leto was able to give birth on the island of Delos. When Artemis was a child, she wished to remain a virgin and to have a bow and arrow, so that she could hunt. Artemis’ symbols were the golden bow and arrow and the moon. Many gods and men were interested in Artemis, but only “Orion” won her heart. Orion was Artemi’s hunting companion

One day Orion told the huntress that he would slay every animal on the earth, but he was then killed by a scorpion sent by Leto. Agamemnon killed a sacred deer and bragged about being a better hunter than the goddess Arthemis herself.

The goddess was first furious at him, later Agamemnon was advised by the seer Calchas only if he would sacrifice his daughter “Iphigenia” Artemis would forgive him. Agamemnon put his daughter on the altar, but Artemis replaced his daughter with a beer. Iphigenia than became Artemi’s immortal companion.


Roman god Diana revered by witches and women. She was extremely revered in all the lands, especially the Stropharia. She is always represented standing by a Cypress Tree in a short toga with a drown arrow.

The name Diana was rooted in Indo-European was “Dyeu” which means too bright and shine, and in the Latin word Deus, in Persian Daiva and in the Sanskrit word ‘Deva”. This public figure was grandeur by the Romans and influenced by the Artemis.

Diana was also associated with the underworld and insignificant zones, the boundaries which separate the living life from the wild and the dead from the civilized world. Diana’s primary alliance with holiness and daylight proposed her long history as an Italian goddess, dating back to at least the first-millennium B.C.E.


In Roman mythology, Diana’s cult became popular throughout the ancient Roman empire, in both the lower and upper class. She was the sponsor of bondslaves who could find the nature reserves, foxholes, and hideaways in her temples. Diana was known to own a quick temper and passionately defended her virginity.

In later centuries, Diana figured in European fantasies of the female virgin wild hunt. Later she became a popular figure in art, poetry, and dramas. Diana and Apollo were often picturized as another version of Adam and Eve. In Roman mythological art, she was frequently shown as wearing the quiver of arrows on her left shoulder and holding a bow in the right.

In Roman mythology, Diana was born fully grown and was said to have been very taller than average. Her worshippers were believed, that she can talk to the animals and also control their movements by the orders.


In the middle of the hot summer month of August 15, the ancient Roman would go to “NEMORENSIS LACVS” which was around the lake (Nemi) also called “SPECVLYM DIANA”, which means the mirror of Diana. This festival is also known as the “Festival of Torches”, so the worshippers tend to take the torches and candles at Lake Nemi.

Dogs were also used to honored and likewise decorated with flowers. There was also a ritual to tie the ribbons around the trees, with prayers and wishes which were written on ribbons. Hunting any animal or beasts is forbidden in that period of time. Sacrifices of fruits, dates, sculptures, bread, and clay in the shape of any body part are also a part of this famous festival.

Masters and legends used to free their slaves from their duties during this Nemoralia Festival. Memorabilia festival is time for women when they would bathe, wash their hairs, and take part in the festival around the lakeside to Diana.


“Hail and adoration unto you,
O, Great Diana.
Hail Goddess of the Moon and of the night.
You who have been since before the beginning,
You who caused all things to appear,
Giver and sustainer of life, adoration unto you.
Hail and adoration unto you,
O, source of all enlightenment.
I pray you to impart to me your illumination and enlighten my mind.
That I may perceive more clearly all things in which I endeavour,
Illuminate my soul, imparting your essence of purity.
I reveal my inner self to you and ask that all be cleansed and purified within.”
~by Raven Grimassi~


Goddess of Hunt

Diana was the Roman descent, and the listed in the top 10 Roman goddesses.


She was also attributed to the moon and goddess of the wildlife. She was famous for the flora of the forest.


She was mostly associated with the dogs. She was the goddess of the hunt, so the main reason to associate with dogs is, dogs do tend to help hunters by their ability to smell.


Some crystals she was associated with, that is Moonstone and turquoise.


So her association with the turquoise in crystals, she’s associated with the turquoise color also and other colors like silver, green, white, and red.