Apollo was famous for his young beardless body. Apollo recognised for his prediction about the future. So from all over the world, people travelled there to learn what the future held for them. He associated with many goddesses, but he was in love with a mortal named Cassandra, but she did not return his affection. Apollo ensured that none of her prophecies would be believed.

Apollo never married officially, but he had a relationship with Daphne, Acacallis, and Calliope. Apollo had a child with Calliope whom they named Orpheus. Apollo also had two other sons named, Troilus, Aristaeus and Asclepius. Apollo’s son Troilus was born after Apollo had an affair with Hecuba, the wife of the king of Troy.

Despite Apollo’s ability to be cruel, he was known to be very kind to his sister and mother. He has also referred to as the god of truth, and as the god of light. Apollo guarded the oracle against Hercules when he became angry with her, and also appears in Ancient-Rome. Apollo worshipped as a god of the sun and god of healing diseases.

During the Trojan war, Apollo shot arrows infected with plague into an ancient encampment. He was also involved in helping Paris to kill Achilles. When Apollo was angry, he sent mice to invade Troy or Greece. When he returned to a good mood he would destroy the mice, because of this Apollo was also referred to as a ‘Mount Daemon’.


Apollo’s other names included Aaegletes, Phoebus. Helios and Phanaeus. Apollo’s Greek name was Phoebus Apollo.


Apollo was the god of music, poetry, prophecy, plague and medicines. Apollo was the son of Zeus and Leto, and Apollo had a twin sister called Artemis. He was one of the most important Olympian deities. Apollo was an oracular god, and he was the patron of Delphi. Apollo was the prophetic deity of the Delphic Oracle.

Apollo was associated with healing and medicine, yet he also has seen as a god who could bring ill-health and deadly plague. His symbol was the Iyre, which was created by Hermes. Apollo was also the leader of Muses.

When Leto was pregnant with Apollo and Artemis, Hera was angry with Zeus her husband, because he had impregnated Leto. Therefore, as the queen of the gods, she prohibited Leto to give birth. But the Island of Delos disobeyed Hera and Leto to gave birth there.


The name “APOLLO” is famous in both Greek and Roman mythology.


Apollo was known as a skilled musician and played his golden Iyre very well.


In Roman mythology, Apollo loves statues of warriors which used to represent him. Apollo usually expressed as an athletic (sporty and healthy) young man with a harp and a bow in Roman mythology.

He could also heal people or bring illness and disease. He also called Lyceius, presumably because he protected the flocks from wolves During the 1960s and 1970s, the Apollo space program conducted by NASA, and included the famous lunar landing.


Apollo is the king of Demons and the lord of the abyss. He was also called the prince of war. He’s an advisor and can be a call to solve the lost conflicts. Apollo can attack rivals and clay out obstacles that are standing in their way.


Hyacinth was a young man with great beauty, and his charm was so immense that he even attracted to deities. One of them was Apollo, the god of music and prophecy. The other was a Zephyr, also known as the west winds. Zephyr amused Hyacinth, and he flew across the sky alongside the god piercing the clouds.

With Apollo, youngster rejoiced with the songs played by the Apollo. The boy and the god became quite intimate, Hyacinth spends his days beside the god of music, doing all sorts of things realizing that he had been left out, Zephyr started to feel jealous.

One day Apollo and Hyacinth decided to throw the Disc. After preparing himself to throw it, Apollo launched the Disc with incredible strength. The Disc reached the stunning height, Hyacinth was ready to catch it, which descending at high speed, but the jealous Zephyr blew the Disc away, The Disc fell to the ground, and after the rebound hit Hyacinth head with violence.

Apollo ran to rescue the boy, the god tries to use his powers to save Hyacinth, but not even the mighty Apollo could change Hyacinth fate. The beautiful boy died in an Apollo’s arm. From the blood of Hyacinth, flowers appeared on the earth, and these flowers named Hyacinth’s flower.


Apollo using his bow, had just killed the terrifying python. The god proudly presented himself, carrying his bows and arrows, weapons the would become one of his symbols. The Archer god crossed paths with arrows, the god of love.

As we were practicing his accuracy, despite his childish figure, he had an elegant and noble posture with a bow. Feeling jealous after seeing a godchild, using the arcs so majestically, Apollo decided to mess with Cupid (in greek Eros) pride.

Apollo said: Hey boy, what do you think you are doing, handling such a noble instrument with this carelessness. Don’t you know that now all over the world, people referred the ark as an Apollo’s weapon, because I used to defeat the most dreadful monsters.

Eros didn’t pay attention to him, he turns his back to Apollo and started to walk away, but the solar god kept hunting him. Apollo said that’s right to go away. That’s the time, Eros lost his patience, and he picked his golden arrows and fired at Apollo.

Eros had never crushed any big monsters, but he successfully felt the most powerful god Apollo on his knees. Arrows did not hurt him physically. But now the god Apollo, under the absolute influence of love.

The solar god spotted a beautiful nymph; her name was Daphne, a daughter of the god of the river. Apollo immediately fell in love with her, but Eros had yet to finish his lesson, and he also hit Daphne with a lad arrow, so he can make Daphne feel disgusted with Apollo.

Apollo tried to get close with the Nymph, but Daphne kept running away from Apollo. Apollo said, don’t you know I am the god of music and prophecy, and I am the most beautiful god. Daphne said, your figure makes me sick, do not dare to get any closer to me, but he kept chasing her. When the god is about to catch her, the Nymph ran into the water, one of her fathers (Peneus) river.

The Nymph converts herself into a Tree, Apollo start kissing the tree, and when he touched her hair, he was left with a Laura leaves in his hand. Daphne has transformed into a Laura. After that, Apollo said, this Laura tree will be my sacred plant, and I’ll wear a cap made of your Laura leaves. And after that day, Laura leaves a symbol of glory.


There was a sacred place called the ‘Oracle of Delphi’. Its origin dates to the clash between Apollo and the giant python, which was sent by the goddess Hera. The lover of Zeus and mother of Apollo and Artemis.

After defeating the terrible wiper, the temple would be built on his honour. Apollo considered the god of prophecy, and due to his mythological origin, the sacred Oracle of Delpha surpassed all others in terms of prestige and devotion.

The Oracle existed and was the main religious centre for the ancient greeks. Generals, kings and nobleman consulted the oracle before making any critical decision. No war and alliances happened without listening to what the Oracle had to say to generals or kings.


The animals most sacred to Apollo were the swan and the dolphin, the raven was also very special to him. Apollo’s tree was the Laurel. In Greece, this tree is a status symbol. The black colour is the symbol of Apollo, his day is Saturday, and he likes swords.

His sacred number is seven (7), and he likes metal gold and stone sapphire. His direction is north; Laurel is his favourite plant. Horses, eagles, sworn, and scorpions are also his sacred animals. Apollo’s elements are fire and water.


1. Apollo’s mother, Leto, is the goddess of dar nights.

2. Apollo’s father Zeus is the king of gods, ruling at Mount Olympus.

3. Apollo was born on the Greek island Delos.

4. Apollo fed ambrosia-nectar, that was sacred to other gods.

5. Apollo’s strengths included creativity, handsomeness and supportiveness of arts.

6. Apollo’s weaknesses included nymphs, and he is not lucky in love.

7. Apollo never married to someone formally.

8. Apollo was a teacher of medicine and became known as the healer.

9. Apollo was one of 12 gods at Mount Olympus